Social Studies
2015-11-14 01:14:57
how are Germany and Italy different
2015-11-14 03:04:27

a.  At a superficial level, Italians are far more gregarious.  We were thrice invited to join in a birthday celebration at a restaurant.  Germans tend to be more reserved, at least unless they have had a drink with you. b.  Eating and walking was far more common in Italy. c.  Swearing - In Germany, swear words are extremely serious.  It is the verbal equivalent of being slapped across the face a few times.  In Italy, you cannot have a conversation without using at least a couple of swear words. "Porco cane" (pig dog) is a term of endearment that friends use with each other.  "Schweinhund" (pig dog) is usually followed by "you killed my parents, prepare to die". d.  Most Germans (today) are allergic to Fascism.  In Italy, Fascist parties have seats in the national parliament (thank god not many). e.  Efficiency - Italian trains run very close to schedule.  But if they are late by a few minutes, no big deal.  Germans have far higher expectations. f.  Cleanliness - German public places are much cleaner than Italian ones.