2016-04-09 23:31:57
One night, after what felt like a googolplex inventions, i went to dadâs closet. we used to greco-roman wrestle on the floor in there, and tell hilarious jokes, and once we hung a pendulum from the ceiling and put a circle of dominoes on the floor to prove that the earth rotated. how does the narration affect oskarâs credibility in this excerpt? his greek and roman references emphasize his intelligence. his explanation of a pendulum emphasizes his maturity. his fond recollections emphasize his genuine sincerity. his description of his dad emphasizes his lack of stability.
2016-04-10 02:00:40

The correct answer should be C. his fond recollections emphasize his genuine sincerity. You can see in the excerpt that the narrator is remembering events from his past, when he was a child. He is quite happy about those memories when he spent a lot of time with his dad, which only emphasizes the credibility of his words.