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Classify each salt as acidic, basic, or neutral. drag the appropriate items to their respective bins. hints hint 1. how to approach the problem(click to open) hint 2. identify the cations from weak bases(click to open) hint 3. identify the anions from weak acids(click to open) helpreset nh4clnaclokno3 neutral salts acidic salts basic salts
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It is known that acids compounds contains hydrogen and produces hydrogen ion in water. A binary acid however is an acid that have two elements, one of the element has a hydrogen attached to it. Examples of binary acids are hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen bromide (HBr) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). In naming a binary acid, it has two rules; one, as pure compounds and two, as acid solutions. For pure compounds, start with the name ‘hydrogen’ and end the anion name with ‘-ide’. For acidic compounds, start with ‘hydro-‘, end the anion with ‘-ic’ and add ‘acid’.