2016-04-10 17:09:27
Lola takes the train from Paris to Nice. The distance between the two cities is about 920,000 920,000 meters. If the train travels at a speed of 230 230 kilometers per hour, how long will it take Lola to travel from Paris to Nice?
2016-04-10 23:12:02

First, you need to convert 920,000 meters to kilometers because the speed of the train is kilometer per hour, 920,000 meters is equal to 920 kilometers. Then, all you need to do left is take 920 (the distance from Paris to Nice in kilometer) and divide it by 230 (the speed of the train), so you will get 4. So you should write the answer like this: "The total time that took Lola to get from Paris to Nice is 4 hours." Hope this help you.