2016-04-12 07:55:57
Write the standard form of the line that contains a y-intercept of -3 and passes through the point (3, 0). Include your work in your final answer. Type your answer in the box provided or use the upload option to submit your solution.
2016-04-12 11:04:44

We have two points, (3,0) and (0,-3).  So we can find the slope of the line: m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) m=(-3-0)/(0-3) m=-3/-3 m=1  so far for the line y=mx+b we have: y=x+b, b is the y intercept which we were told is -3 so y=x-3 The above is called the slope-intercept form of a line, y=mx+b, the standard form of a line is ax+by=c, so we need to get both variables on one side of the equation.. y=x-3  subtract x from both sides -x+y=-3 While the above may be acceptable to some, technically the coefficient of x should be expressed as a positive value, so we should divide the above "solution" by -1 to get: x-y=3