2016-04-13 15:27:42
isabelles competition who sells books and no other products charges a shipping fee of $1.99 per book plus a fixed fee of $3 for each order let x be the number of books purchased and (f) be the price of shipping one order of books write a function that expresses f(x) and explain the value of f(x)for x=0
2016-04-13 17:59:32

So we can see that she charges a fee of $1.99 per book, and we can see that she charges a flat fee, which means no matter the number of books you buy (provided you buy at least one book), you will be paying $3, along with the shipping per number of books, which can be determined by the number of books sold. Therefore you would have y = 1.99x + 3, because if you were to buy 2 books, you would substitute that for x, multiply it by 1.99, and then add the flat fee, which would give you the total price for 2 books. Now it asks, what if x = 0. So you would plug in 0 for x, meaning if you bought 0 books, you can plug in 0 for x and you would do 1.99*0 = 0, and 0 + 3 = 3. So the value of f(x) for 0 would be 3. Hope this helps! :D

2016-04-13 18:00:47

It would be 3 because