2016-04-14 11:37:57
Each of the spanish sentences below is incorrect in either grammar or meaning. rewrite each sentence correctly. 1. el rey que canta está tocando el tambor. the king that used to sing is playing the drum. 2. él y ella está tomando jugo. he and she are drinking juice. 3. la princesa todavía canta. the princess used to sing. 4. ¿con quién llora la reina? who does the queen sing with? 5. ¿cómo canta la reina? where does the queen sing?
2016-04-14 13:41:34

YOU HAVE TO ADD INT THE SYMBOLS ON MY WORDS 1. el rey que solia cantar esta tocando el tambor 2 .estan tomando el jugo. princessa solia cantar 4. con quien la reina cantar? 5. donde esta la reina cantando?