2016-04-16 01:37:27
A square, one side labeled as 48 inches, has a circle inside it. The circle touches all the sides of the square. The portion of the square outside the circle is shaded. How many square inches of cloth are cut from the square? (π = 3.14)
2016-04-16 05:40:27

To find the answer, you would subtract the area of the circle from the area of the square. So it would be 2304-1809.56=494.44 The answer is 494.44 square inches.

2016-04-16 05:41:42

Well to start the area of the square plus the circle is 2304in2. (since 1 side of the square if 48 in. 48 x 48=2304). The radius of the circle would be 24. (Radii is half the diameter). The formula of area of a circle is πr2. Area of the circle is π24^2 which is 1808.64in2. The area of the space you are looking for is 495.36in2