2016-04-17 07:58:42
Evening By Victoria Mary Sackville-West When little lights in little ports come out, Quivering down through water with the stars, And all the fishing fleet of slender spars Range at their moorings, veer with tide about; When race of wind is stilled and sails are furled, And underneath our single riding-light The curve of black-ribbed deck gleams palely white, And slumbrous waters pool a slumbrous world; Then, and then only, have I thought how sweet Old age might sink upon a windy youth, Quiet beneath the riding-light of truth, Weathered through storms, and gracious in retreat. Which of the following is true of the text in bold, "When little lights in little ports come out,"? It explicitly describes night at the ports It explicitly states that the ports are damaged. It implies the dangers of working at sea. (IT IS NOT THIS ANSWER) It implies a relationship has ended.