2016-04-17 21:05:57
Which sentences in this conversation between two classmates indicate Emily’s bad study habits? EMILY: That test was tough! I think I’m going to get an F. How did you do? ANNA: Pretty good, I think. I mean, she gave us a question bank to study from, so it wasn’t too tough. You were reading the questions right before we went into class. EMILY: Yeah, but there was too much to study. I guessed on all the answers! Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. ANNA: You mean you barely studied at all? EMILY: Well, I took notes in class. And I was up studying until four this morning. I only slept for two hours because I set my alarm for six and studied some more. ANNA: Wow. I just can’t stay up that late. I always fall asleep in class when I do.