2016-04-17 21:29:27
? How did the Ancestral Puebloans use their surrounding environment to create effective housing solutions? The Ancestral Puebloans built wooden dwellings in the forest. The Ancestral Puebloans built their shelters using animal skins and hides. The Ancestral Puebloans built homes from snow and ice. The Ancestral Puebloans built stone houses against canyon walls.
2016-04-17 23:35:52

The answer to this is the Ancestral Puebloans built stone houses against canyon halls. They used the resources that they had in their surroundings or environment to their advantage which were evident in their housing structures. Unique architectural works were made by the Ancestral Puebloans with community spaces that they themselves planned. These apartments- like structures were made from stone, adobe mud and other local materials or these were carved on the canyon walls’ sides.