Computers and Technology
2020-08-09 04:47:27
Azzam is reviewing a paper he just wrote about kinetic friction for his physics class. On the third page, he realizes that every time he wrote “coefficient of friction,” he should have written “coefficient of kinetic friction.” He uses the Find and Replace tool and clicks on “Replace All” to fix the issue, but then when prints out the paper, he sees “coefficient of friction” in the first paragraph. What is most likely the reason why the phrase was not fixed? A. Azzam Used Find and Replace instead of the Spell Checker. B. Azzam Clicked “Replace All” instead of “Replace.” C. Azzam used the Tool while he was on the third page. D. Azzam Did not set up the proper printing options.
2020-08-09 09:28:52

C. is the most appropriate answer.