2016-04-24 03:41:42
At a carnival, food tickets cost $2 each and ride tickets cost $3 each. A total of $1,240 was collected at the carnival. The number of food tickets sold was 10 less than twice the number of ride tickets sold. The system of equations represents x, the number of food tickets sold, and y, the number of ride tickets sold. 2x + 3y = 1240 x = 2y – 10 How many of each type of ticket were sold?
2016-04-24 08:24:39

If you have to unknown variables, you have to eliminate one, e.g. Like this: 2×(2y-10)+3y=1240. Now there is only one unknown variable 4y-20+3y=1240 7y-20=1240 7y=1260 y=1260/7=180 Now you can calculate x x=2y-10=2×180-10=360-10=350. ( You can also use the other equation but This one is easier)