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At the press conference, what reason did Welles give for his reaction to the controversy caused by The War of the Worlds radio broadcast?  A.That he had informed police that listeners might be scared by the story B.That the H. G. Wells book was well known and many people were familiar with the story C.That he had announced several times that the events were part of a story D.That he had been fired from CBS because of what had happened
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B. That the H. G. Welles book was well known and many people were familiar with the story.

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Orson Welles reading of the War of the Worlds on radio sparked a panic on October 30, 1938. Some people may have missed the introduction to the fiction. They interpreted it as a news broadcast. Wells thought that the book was known well enough as a work of science fiction. He did not intended to create a panic among the audience, but to some it had sounded like a news broadcast. Welles changed the localities from England to New Jersey in the United States. Therefore some of the audience thought it was happening in their area. The police came to CBS and tried to stop the radio program. After the broadcast there was widespread controversy and the incident became famous known as the Halloween panic of 1938.