2016-04-24 12:06:57
In mathematics, the distance between one point (a) and another point (b), each with coordinates (x,y), can be computed by taking the differences of their x coordinates and their y coordinates and then squaring those differences. the squares are added and the square root of the resulting sum is taken and... voila! the distance. given two variables, p1 and p2 that are of type point -- a structured type with two fields, x and y, both of type double-- write an expression whose value is the distance between the two points represented by p1 and p
2016-04-24 18:05:35

The formula to find the distance between points [latex] P_{1} [/latex] and [latex] x_{2} [/latex] is given as [latex] sqrt{ ( y_{1}- y_{2}) ^{2}+ ( x_{1}- x_{2}) ^{2} } [/latex], where [latex] y_{1}- y_{2} [/latex] is the vertical distance between two points on the y-axis [latex] x_{1} - x_{2} [/latex] is the horizontal distance between two points on the x-axis