2016-04-24 20:43:57
Sensory neurons have a resting potential based on the efflux of potassium ions (as demonstrated in activity 1). what passive channels are likely found in the membrane of the olfactory receptor, in the membrane of the pacinian corpuscle, and in themembrane of the free nerve ending?
2016-04-24 20:50:53

The mentioned organs are all sensory organs. The olfactory receptors are also known as odor receptors and they are present in the nose and are responsible for sensing smell. The pacinian corpuscles are a type of receptor in the skin of mammals. Finally, free nerve endings are also used to sense. Because all of these are sensory organs, the membrane channels that they will possess will be K+ channels. These channels will allow a sensory impulse to be generated and the organ may carry out its sensory function.