2016-04-25 04:57:27
PLEASE HELP! NEED HELP!! ASAP!! What are the negative impacts of raising cattle in our environment? What is the amount of cattle we are raising?
2016-04-25 09:25:18

The amount of greenhouse gases that agriculture and farming produce varies around the world. This is because each livestock production system utilizes its resources differently. Agricultural systems are often categorized into two types of systems:extensive farming and intensive farming. Extensive farming is a type of agriculture that is mainly a pasture-based and land-based system. Extensive farming uses low labor and input resources.  This type of farming utilizes natural resources and results in lower yield per unit of land than intensive farming. In beef cattle production, for example, cattle in an extensive system would graze in a pasture. Intensive systems have more concentrated operations and are often more mechanized. This system uses higher amounts of labor and resources per unit of land, but it also produces greater yield per unit of land than extensive farming systems.  A feedlot is an example of an intensive system for beef cattle production. Now, the amount of cattle we are raising is in the United States as of January 1, 2015 totaled 89.8 million. This might be a cause even of its not proven to be correct. However, this can be a correct estimate. I suggest look into other sources for information!