2020-09-29 20:01:27
Please help!! thanks!!! Fill in the blank with the term or letter that best matches. A.babylon b. the lotus bloom c.pottery d. hanging gardens of babylon e.relief sculpture f. the phoenicians g.the ishtar gate h. the persians i. persopolis j. the assysians 1. Sea-faring people reknowed for their glasswear _________. 2. around 900 BCE, these people rose to power in mesopotmia ________. 3. the assyrians are most famous for their use of this in decorating buildings _________. 4.symbol of life found in persian pottery_______. 5.persian capital famous for its elaborate palaces monuments and temples_________. 6. these are considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world______. 7. ancient city that reached its peak under king nebuchadnez________. 8. conquered babylon in 539 BCE famous for their elaborate places______. 9.most famous for surviving architectural feature within the ancient city of babylon_________. 10. the most distinctive contribution the persions have to art_______ Need to raise my grade if i can get help on this that would be great!!!! thanks again!!!!
2020-09-30 01:26:42

1. F. *Phoenicians 2. J.  3. C  4. B. 5. I. 6. D. 7. A. 8. G. 9. H. 10. E