2016-04-26 20:30:57
Analyze the following statement: The decade of the 1920s was one more traditional values collided with modern changes. Some examples to use in your analysis would be the rise of the Klan, The new immigration laws of the early 1920s, the changing role of women, the rise of the jazz age, the scopes trial. Please address at least three of these.
2016-04-27 00:45:09

The Klan rose as a response to the reconstruction era and the spreading of African-Americans across the south. They were traditionalists who were racist. The new immigration laws started forbidding immigration from places like Asia as well as bothering people who wanted to immigrate. The women got their voting rights so their position became better. The jazz age rose as the youth started developing their own culture different from the mainstream. The scopes trial was the monkey trial that happened when the teacher wanted to teach darwinism in biology.