2016-04-28 14:48:57
the school that adam goes to is selling tickets to a fall musical. On the frist day of tickets sales the school sood 2 adult tickets and 2 students tickets for a total of $32. The school tooj in $106 on thw second day by selling 6 adult tickets and 7 student tickets.Find the price of an adult ticket and the price of a student ticket? please show your work.
2016-04-28 20:29:17

2a+2s=32  divide all terms by 2 a+s=16  subtract s from both sides a=16-s Then we are told that: 6a+7s=106, using a found above in this equation gives you: 6(16-s)+7s=106  perform indicated multiplication on the left side 96-6s+7s=106  combine like terms on left side 96+s=106  subtract 96 from both sides s=10, and since a=16-s a=6 So adult tickets cost $6.00 and student tickets cost $10.00.