2016-04-29 05:06:42
A(n) ______ reduces the pressure of compressed oxygen inside the oxygen cylinder to a level more appropriate for patient care.
2016-04-29 06:39:38

An oxygen cylinder contains pure oxygen and it is compressed to provide more amount of oxygen gas available. With oxygen regulators, the pressure can be controlled and the rate of the amount of oxygen released will be controlled enough for patient care.

2016-04-29 06:40:53

It is the Oxygen Regulator. The oxygen regulator appends to the chamber at the barrel valve. It diminishes the weight of compacted oxygen inside the oxygen barrel to a level more fitting for understanding consideration.  Oxygen Flow control controllers and preserving gadgets are a weight diminishing gadgets intended to direct or bring down oxygen weight from a barrel to levels that can be securely utilized by the patient. A Regulator just directs the spill out of an oxygen chamber.