Computers and Technology
2016-04-29 18:02:12
A database into which employees manually input customer names and addresses is riddled with errors and you have been charged with rectifying the situation. in considering the organizational dimensions of this problem, you should consider:
2016-04-29 21:04:28

In considering the organizational dimension of these problems you should consider the business process in place governing the manual input of data. A system is stated to as a set of interrelating components forming an integrated whole. In the case, there will be many diverse systems with many processes that will either work independently together in a collective environment. In support of ensuring processes and technologies operate predictably, reliably and independently, initial focus needs to be a gap analysis of the business processes currently in place. These processes may include the existing movement of the data through the organization and implementation or directly support it and those process that support feedback mechanisms or inquiries to data analysis.