Computers and Technology
2020-11-23 11:53:27
Why is repair paperwork so important?
2020-11-23 16:46:22

A good CMMS can help a company drive down the cost of maintenance, increase asset life, improve productivity and reduce equipment downtime yet all too often, organizations that purchase a CMMS do not reap these benefits. Reducing costs while improving reliability is easily obtainable yet many organizations fail to extract major value from a CMMS implementation. The primary issue is the quality of the data entered into the system. The system does a great job of documenting work orders but it is impossible to take it to the next level with poor quality data. The data is of such poor quality that it is unfeasible to make informed decisions such as “should we repair or replace?” or “should we introduce preventive maintenance for that equipment?” or “What type of failures are most common?”