2016-05-01 01:10:27
A diploid organism has 10 chromosomes; how many gene combinations can occur in the organism’s gametes?
2016-05-01 03:40:34

In this problem, if there are 10 chromosomes for a diploid organism, there are a total of 20 gametes in the organisms. A diploid cell contains 2 set of chromosomes. A diploid cell is a type of cell that contains 2 sets of chromosomes each is inherited from each parent, the father and the mother.  Gametes are the germ cell, whether male or female and that it unites with the other germ cell of the opposite se during the reproduction in order to form a zygote. Therefore, we can say that a diploid organism, which has 2 sets of chromosomes, will have a total of 20 gene combination which will occur in the organism’s gametes.