2016-05-01 07:26:27
BRAINLIEST!!! At least two points for y=3x-7 and what is slope?
2016-05-01 11:02:10

y=3x-7 so slope = 3 hope it helps

2016-05-01 11:03:25

The slope would be 3, and two points can be (2,-1) and (3,2). To find the slope, you can use your knowledge of the slope intercept form. y = mx + b. B represents y intercept, and m represents slope. In this case, 3 is where the m variable would be, so we can tell that 3 is our slope. Now, to find 2 points on your line, you can plug in any x value, usually whole numbers are easier, so I did 2 and 3, and whatever your final result is your y value. For example 3(2) - 7 = 6-7 = -1. So when you plugged in 2, you got -1, so your first coordinate is (2,-1). Now again if you plug in 3, you have 3(3) - 7 = 2. So you would have (3,2). Hope this helps. Please rate, leave a thanks, and mark a brainiest. Thanks, it really helps! :D