2021-01-23 13:18:42
What does blustery, humid, stratus, inversion, precipitation, typhoon, cirrus, cumulus, monsoon, and meteorologist mean??? Please give me a answer, i dont want suggestions, insults, comets, or anything else. i just need a strait answer, only answer it if you truly are gonna answer.
2021-01-23 17:20:39

Evaporation and transpiration. The evaporation process uses the sun radiation or sun’s thermal energy for vaporization of a water from the land or soil to be water vapor then in the air. Transpiration on the other hand is the same with evaporation that involves water molecules to be vaporized into the air but it is located in the stoma of the plants. It is like evaporation within plants. This is actually to have homeostasis in plants and still part of the water cycle.