2021-02-20 22:13:27
25 page essay on why i want to got to college
2021-02-21 04:56:13

a reason why u should want to go to college is to get a degree and be something in life and to be able to lead about real world problems

2021-02-21 04:57:28

Hello , here are reasons (listed below) of why you would want to go to college and this will hopefully help you write that 25 page essay easily :) 1) To get an education, list why getting an education is important in you essay and the benefit. 2) To become specialized in a certain area (for example you are going into the medical field and ant to go deeper into biology). In your essay feel free to express why you would want to be specialized in that certain subject. One reason can be because it interests you  3) To be able to get a job that you want after you have become specialized. So remember how I gave an example of you going in the medical field and going into biology. You chose to be a biologist (lets say). You want to earn money so you can make a living and buy what you want, and at the same time, you want to help society as a biologist and perhaps through your studies you could discover something amazing and become the next Einstein. Bottom line is you want to go to college to  increase you knowledge (in whatever subject or field you wish), become qualified in a certain area, get a job, make a living/earn money, and lastly help society! Hope this helped :)