2021-02-22 22:35:42
PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS BY TONIGHT 3. Debra decides to make some flavored tea for her mom Kelly’s gathering. Kelly tells her daughter that she wants half of the tea pineapple flavored, of the tea strawberry flavored, and the rest orange flavored. (a) How much of the total tea does Kelly want to be orange flavored? Show your work. (b) Six cups of tea are strawberry flavored. How many cups are orange flavored and how many are pineapple flavored? Show your work and explain your answer.
2021-02-22 23:50:42

There is a good Math channel on Youtube. Search: Yourmathgal channel. She has Mixture word problems, the videos are at least 10:00 minutes.She has 800 videos posted. She is a teacher.