2021-02-23 04:51:42
**WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST TO FIRST ANSWERER** What is cultural diffusion? How did it happen in the past, and how does it happen today? To get started, think of ideas, beliefs, or practices you are familiar with and follow their spread from one part of the world to others. Here are some examples: Religions Scientific advancements Styles of art, architecture, or music Political systems
2021-02-23 10:11:12

Cultural diffusion is the spread of culture from one area to another for example the spread of Islam. Today cultural diffusion is a simpler process due to technological advancements such as the internet, but in the past cultural diffusion happened mainly when people traveled to other countries. 

2021-02-23 10:12:27

cultural diffusion is when other people go to other countries to trade, so when they get back from trading  they start using ideas they saw after a while the country that went to the other country starts using there idea that is how cultural diffusion starts happening.