2021-02-23 19:21:12
Which of the following represents a major difference between the belief systems of Judaism and Islam ? a. Islam considers Muhammad a prophet, but Judaism considers Muhammad a false prophet b. Islam considers Jesus a false prophet, but Judaism considers Jesus a prophet c. Islam rejects sacred symbols, but Judaism embraces sacred symbols d. Islam does not believe in an afterlife, but Judaism does believe in an afterlife
2021-02-23 22:20:27

A major difference between Judaism and Islam is that Islam considers Muhammad a prophet, but Judaism considers him a false prophet. It is the same think about difference between Judaism and Christianity. Jewish believers do not accept Jesus Christ as a true prophet. They believe that God revealed his laws and 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai, and that Moses is the only true prophet. Judaism is ancient monotheistic religion, and Moses is the first great prophet: he appeared many centuries before Muhammad, Christ and Buddha.