2021-03-15 06:48:27
20 points Answer all questions 3. What is true for two pieces of iron at the same temperature? The average kinetic energy of their particles is the same The total kinetic energy of their particles is equal Heat flows from the larger object to the smaller object Heat flows from the object with higher potential energy to the object with lower potential energy 4. To remove a tight-fitting lid from a jar, Megan runs the lid under hot water. What happens to the jar lid when its temperature increases? The potential energy increases and the lid contracts The potential energy decreases and the lid expands The temperature increases and the lid expands The temperature decreases and the lid contracts 5. What happens when the temperature of an object increases? The particles move closer together The particles move faster The number of particles increases The particles stop moving 6. When is thermal equilibrium achieved between two objects? when thermal energy is no longer transferred when on object is hotter than the other when both objects have the same temperature when the particles in one object have more kinetic energy 7. Coal contains carbon and other elements. Carbon dioxide forms when coal burns in the presence of oxygen. Which of these is the best evidence that a chemical reaction occurs when coal burns? The shape of the coal changes Oxygen is present A new substance is produced Coal is made up of more than one element 8. A bus travels 20 km in 30 minutes. What is the average speed of the bus? 20 km/h 30 km/h 40 km/h 50 km/h Got to be 100% sure with your answer:)
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3:The average kinetic energy of their particles is the same.  4:The temperature increases,and the lid expands.  5:The particles move faster.  6:when both objects have the same temperature  7:A new substance is produced 8:40km/h