2021-03-16 18:03:27
What is the best/easiest/safest method to make a 1 cm hole in a plastic pop bottle without any specialized tools? I have xacto knives, awl, screwdrivers and other basic household tools.
2021-03-16 19:43:54

Heated nail point should do the job.

2021-03-16 19:45:09

I would use a power tool such as an electric screwdriver to drive in a screw or use an electric drill (this would probably be the most safe). You could also put a nail through the cap and just nail it through. If you have a heavy-duty hole punch, it may be strong enough to bust through the plastic. If none of these work, try carefully slicing through the plastic with the exactoblade. If you do follow any of these suggestions, make sure you fasion down the bottlecap so that it will not go flying from the impact, and that you are wearing safety goggles. These are just suggestions, but please take care as you could harm yourself.