2021-03-28 08:44:57
Which pair of properties apply to both sound and electromagnetic waves?
2021-03-28 12:48:14

1.Both sound and electromagnetic waves use specific spectrums. Sound lives in frequency and electromagnetic waves mostly use a visible spectrum.2. Both sound and electromagnetic waves exhibit the Doppler effect. They rise in frequency as they get closer and lower as they move away.Light is an example of an electromagnetic wave. Other similar properties in regard to light and sound are that light and sound can be reflected or absorbed by objects. Sound and light have the same physical characteristics and they move in a similar way.

2021-03-28 12:49:29

Sound waves and electromagnetic waves exhibit reflection, refraction, diffraction, and dispersion.  Both exhibit the Doppler effect ... the apparent frequency, as noted by the observer, is higher than the source frequency when the source is approaching the observer, and lower than the source frequency when the source is receding from the observer. The intensity of both decreases with the square of the distance from the source.