2021-04-01 20:39:12
Why are solids good at transferring heat through conduction? A.The particles are close together. B.The particles do not move. C.The particles give off electromagnetic waves. D.The particles can slide past one another.
2021-04-02 03:05:13

In a solid each particle is locked in place by chemical bonds. The particles can however vibrate on the spot (and in the case of molecular materials the shape of the molecules can vibrate).  Example Vibrational Modes in an Atomic and a Molecular Solid As one end is heated the amplitude of the random vibrations of the particles there increases. However the bonds allow energy to pass along the chain to the unheated end. The result is that heat is conducted through the non-metallic solid. in a solid heat is locked in.        in a liquid it will stay hot for a little while but it will be cold in a little while.     stone is a solid  when you put a smooth stone cup in the dish washer and you take it out it is steaming and will stay hot for a while because it locks in heat