2021-04-04 12:53:12
Which of the following statements is TRUE? (Points : 1) The dermis is avascular There are few sensory nerve fibers in the dermis. Collagen fibers within the dermis are flexible and offer no resistance to overstretching. Dermal papillae project into and anchor the epidermis to the dermis.
2021-04-04 14:26:41

TRUE: Dermal Papillae project into and anchor the epidermis to the dermis.  The dermal papillae increases the surface area between the epidermis and dermis. It forms dermal ridges in hands, feet, and fingertips. It extends to the epidermis and contains blood vessels that supply epidermis with nutrients. Aside from dermal papillae, the following are found in the dermis. 1) fibroblasts 2) adipocytes 3) macrophages 4) nerve endings 5) hair follicles 6) smooth muscles 7) glands 8) lymphatic vessels