Computers and Technology
2021-04-07 17:03:57
What are some examples of the three different types of storage?
2021-04-07 18:56:02

The three different types of storage are Local Storage, Remote Storage and Network Attached Storage or NAS. Some examples of these types of storage are; 1. 3.5-inch hard disk drives, which are used within your computer, or portable external hard disk drives which are 2.5 inches. Both of these storages devices are a part of local storage. 2. Examples of Remote storage are cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Sky Drive and Amazin S3. These storage sites are all online and the data is kept is safe data warehouses. 3. NAS or Network Attached Storage is when you transfer your data to a hard drive plugged into an array of storage enclosures which is connected to you network Router or Hub through an Ethernet port.