2021-04-08 15:46:57
trees take in what 2 reactants in photosynthesis
2021-04-08 18:27:56

The two reactants that plants take in for photosynthesis are sunlight and carbon dioxide.Light is taken in and used in the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis. In these reactions, electrons are needed to be added to the electron carrier called NADP so that they can be used for the next step of photosynthesis. These electrons are obtained by removing them from  a water molecule. The energy needed for this process is obtained from sunlight. The electrons are removed and added to NADP which becomes NADPH.Carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere is used in the light independent reactions (or Calvin cycle)  in the carboxylation phase, to form a 3 carbon molecule called 3PGA (3 - phosphoglycerate) which undergoes several other steps to finally produce glucose, cellulose, starch and sucrose in the plant.