2021-04-08 18:54:57
PLEASE HELP IM SO CONFUSED How does potassium need to be modified either on site or in a factory to make it useful. This should include a discussion on the capture of a gas or the transportation of a solid element to a processing plant.
2021-04-08 20:13:03

Potassium is not found  free in nature but is found in the form of potash. Potash is the ore of potassium and this ore is mined from deep down the earth or can sometimes  be found on the surface. Potash was mostly formed as sea water receded and left deposits.Potash is usually in the form of potassium salts such potassium chloride and  potassium sulphate.  The potash  is mined then taken to the factory where it is crushed and purified  by removing such impurities as clay.The now purified potassium salts are subjected to a process called electrolysis where  potassium metal is obtained from its salt.