Social Studies
2021-05-02 12:59:12
Pros and cons of the European exploration
2021-05-02 18:00:15

Pros: Food - Exploration brought the eastern and western hemispheres together, sharing each others food sources.  Nations found the new resources extremely helpful to crop rotation, mass agriculture, and fueling a new economy.  Some nations, such as Ireland and the potato, became entirely reliant on these new food sources. Colonization and Economy - Although this is mainly a pro for Western European countries, it is extremely important.  Colonization brought massive development of plantations, boosting European economy. Cons: Disease -  Nearly 80% of the native populations of the Americas were killed off by disease, especially smallpox. Enslavement - European exploration brought many racial tensions as Europeans treaty almost any non-white man as subhuman.  Natives were often forced into labor under laws, but were short lived due to the effects of disease.