2021-05-02 16:07:12
The stomach breaks down food with the help of acids called _____. a. gastric juices b. stomach juices c. digestive juices
2021-05-02 19:29:50

The stomach breaks down food with the help of acids called digestive juices. The correct answer to the given question is option "c". In reality huge amounts of hydrochloric acids are present as constituent of the digestive juices. This hydrochloric acid actually breaks down food. The hydrochloric acid also helps to kill the microorganisms that that comes along with the food. It helps in releasing an enzyme by the name of pepsin. This enzyme breaks down the protein molecules present in the food that has been eaten. The walls of the intestine are protected from the negative effects of the hydrochloric acid due to the presence of the protective coating of mucus. This powerful acid helps a person digest any food that has been eaten.

2021-05-02 19:31:05

NONONONONONONO. NO DIGESTION ACCURS IN THE STOMACH. THE STOMACH IS SIMPLY THE PLACE WHERE FOOD IS DISINFECTED WITH HCl AND PROTIENS ARE BROKEN DOWN INTO MONOMERES. digestion occurs modtly in the duodnum (small intestine). the correct answer is gastric juices, which btw gastric means stomach in greek or latin