Social Studies
2021-05-03 04:50:57
How did the American colonist react to British policies?
2021-05-03 11:13:32

They did several things to rebel 

2021-05-03 11:14:47

Most American Colonists HATED these policies. Example of this is the Boston Tea Party. This when an anti-King group called the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Native Americans and dumped $70,000 worth of tea into the Boston Harbor. The colonists also hated these acts so much that one of them, is prohibited in the American Bill of Rights. (Amendment 3: citizens do not have to house soldeirs, unless they agree to. This was in answer to the Quartering Act, when colonists had to house, and feed British Soldiers). There were many other protests, and acts of defiance, but these are some more well-known. Hope this helps.