2021-05-04 07:40:42
I have 3 questions... Thank you for the help. (1) Traveling at 65 miles per hour, how many minutes, rounded to the nearest whole number, does it take to drive 125 miles from San Diego to Malibu? (2)Find the value of the expression 4a4 − 2b2 + 40 when a = 2 and b = 7. (3)Tyler works in retail where she earns $10.50 per hour. She also earns $15 for every new credit account she gets customers to open and she gets a weekly stipend of $50 for clothing. Tyler knows her weekly earnings can be shown with the following expression: 10.50h + 15c + 50 Part A: Identify a coefficient, a variable, and a constant in this expression. (3 points) Part B: If Tyler works for 37 hours and opens 12 new credit accounts, how much does she earn? Show your work to receive full credit. (4 points) Part C: If Tyler gets a raise and begins earning $11.25 per hour, would the coefficient, variable, or constant in the expression change? Why? (3 points)
2021-05-04 08:25:05

[latex]frac{125}{65}*60\frac{25}{13}*60\frac{1500}{13}\115[/latex] 1. 115 minutes [latex]4a^4-2b^2+40\4(2)^4-2(7)^2+40\4(16)-2(49)+40\64-98+40\6[/latex] 2. 6 3a. 50 or 15; h or c; 50. [latex]10.5(37)+15(12)+50\388.5+180+50\618.5[/latex] 3b. $618.50 3c. Coefficient. 10.50 would change to 11.25 to reflect his new earnings.