2021-06-06 12:43:12
The Cash account of Safe and Secure Security Systems reported a balance of $2,490 at May 31, 2011. There were outstanding checks totaling $500 and a May 31 deposit in transit of $300. The bank statement, which came from Tri Cities Bank, listed the May 31 balance of $3,360. Included in the bank balance was a collection of $680 on account from Ryan Saar, a Safe and Secure customer who pays the bank directly. The bank statement also shows a $20 service charge and $10 of interest revenue that Safe and Secure earned on its bank balance. Prepare Safe and Secure’s bank reconciliation at May 31.
2021-06-06 13:57:15

Book Balance :             $2,490                        Bank Balance:           $3,360 Add:                                                              Add: Ryan Saar payment          680                         Deposits in Transit          300    Interest Revenue                 10      Less:                                                            Less: Service Charge                ($20)                       Outstanding Checks       (500)                              ===========                                              ========== Cash Balance              $3,160                        Bank Balance            $3,160 *The payment made by Ryan Saar was directly deposited to the bank; therefor, it is not yet recorded in the company books. The same with the Interest Revenue Earned and Service Charge Fees. *The Deposits in Transit and Outstanding Checks are not yet recorded in the bank because the deposits are still in transit while the outstanding checks are not yet cashed; however, these items were already recorded in the company books.