2021-06-10 23:03:27
Can you show how to solve this question? Thomas and Sharlina work on weekends and holidays doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. They are paid by the day, not by the hour. They each earn the same whole number of dollars per day. Last month Thomas earned $184 and Sharlina earned $207 a. How many days did each person work? b. Whatis their daily pay PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT YOUR ANSWER
2021-06-11 00:07:04

To find out how much they earned, we need to find the GCF of 184 and 207. The greatest common factor (GCF) of 184 and 207 is 23. That means they earn 23 dollars per day. That is your answer for part b. And Thomas worked 184/23 = 8 days While Sharlina worked 207/23 = 9 days That is your answer for part a.