2021-06-11 00:02:12
1 5/9 divided by 2 1/3
2021-06-11 02:02:32

The answer to this is 2/3 and I you simplify this you would get a decimal of 0.6666667.

2021-06-11 02:03:47

5/7 because you have to turn the mixed number into an improper fraction by multiplying the denominator times the whole number and take the product of that and add the numerator to it and after that you have to set up the problem like this:15/9 divided by 7/3 then you have to to rewrite it but this time flip the second fraction around and turn the division sign to a multiplication sign and multiply and if you need to simplify the product then do it because my mother told me if i ever a fraction that i can simplify i should just simplify it from here on out.