2021-07-21 02:21:42
HOw do you burn a cd for music
2021-07-21 04:26:57

You first have to......Insert a CD-R into your computer. Almost all modern computers are equipped with a drive that can write CDs. You may run into an issue with an older machine, but in general if the computer was made within the last 10 years it can probably burn. Netbooks without an optical drive will need an external drive connected in order to burn. If you want to burn audio CDs, you will need CD-R discs. These can be written to, but cannot be rewritten. CD-RW discs can be rewritten, but many readers will not be able to read these so they should be avoided if you are making an audio CD.More expensive CD-Rs may last longer and may be prone to less error. The most popular brands are Memorex, Phillips, and Sony.While you can burn an audio DVD, there are very few devices which can read these. Avoid burning an audio DVD if you want it to work in as many devices as possible.