2021-09-14 18:43:42
The golf club needs to raise $2,620.00 for a trip to play golf at Augusta Country Club. They are selling boxes of personalized golf balls for $25.00 per box. They have already raised $1,225.00 from the fundraiser. The percussion club needs to raise $2,400.00 to pay for a trip to the state capital to participate in a parade. They are selling 3-gallon tubs of caramel popcorn for $18.25 each. They have already raised $1,314.00 from the fundraiser. If both clubs are going to meet their goals, from this point on the club needs to sell more items from their fundraiser than the club needs to sell from their fundraiser
2021-09-14 19:30:47

OK, here we go. Golf Club first You subtract the total amount they need to raise, by the amount they already have: 2620 - 1225 = $1395.00 to go Divide that number by the price of golf balls to find out how many more they need: 1395/25 = 55.8 This means that they need to sell at least 56 golf balls to meet the target. Now to the Percussion Club... Do the same thing again: 2400 - 1314 = $1086 to go 1086/18.25 = 59.51 So the percussion club needs to sell at lest 60 more tubs of popcorn to reach their target. Hope this helps!! :)