2015-11-21 09:29:57
How does one do problem 36
2015-11-21 15:55:25

in the equation:Cao+CO2=CACO3,there is 1 mole of cao,but in the given enthalpies,there is 2 moles of caO and its in reverse,so we need to divide the moles in the above eqaution by 2 then multiply by a positive value of 1270.2 .doing that we get e=635.1 (positive).for co2,we have 1 mole in the equation,and 1 mole in the enthalpies given but its in reverse therefore enthalpy of co2=393.5.for cac03,we have 1 mole in the equation and 2 moles in the enthalpy given.this time the arrow produces cacO3 in both equation and enthalpy equation,its not in 1 divided by 2 times-2413.8=1206.9 adding together the enthalpies we get: 1206.9+393.5+635.1= -2235.5 kj