2015-11-21 20:27:57
(thanks if your willing to read all this) The human brain is divided into two hemispheres; left and right. Each hemisphere has specialized capabilities and each processes different types of information. The left hemisphere operates in a rational, analytical manner. It processes verbal information. It is the seat of language and logical thinking. (A) It organizes and categorizes information. The right hemisphere operates in an intuitive, holistic manner. It processes visual and spatial information. It is the seat of creativity and imagination. It combines separate elements to form coherent wholes. (B) Note taking, lecturing, reading, and analytical thought are left-brain skills. Recognizing patterns, configurations, shapes, and forms; intuitive thought; and visualization are right-brain skills. (C) Students spend most of their time developing left-brain (verbal) skills. (D) Those students who are also thinking pictorially, focusing on the whole instead of on separate parts, and trusting intuition, are taking advantage of both of the ways in which the brain makes learning possible. When a paragraph contains two main ideas, it should be divided into two paragraphs. Choose the letter at the point where the passage should be divided. A) A B) B C) C D) D
2015-11-21 21:01:04

The Answer is B.  Point A and Point B are talking about the Right brain. Point C and D are the left side of the brain. The two main ideas are the right brain and the left brain.