2015-11-01 17:32:27
solve for 15 points It was the first day of school when a young girl was found dead in the classroom. Police had identified four suspects. The Dean claimed that he was in his office the whole day. The Maths teacher claimed that she was giving the midterm exam results to her students. The clerk claimed that he was bringing the mails. The janitor claimed that he was cleaning the toilet on the first floor. Who was lying?
2015-11-01 23:23:04

The math teacher that was giving the midterm exam. She killed her with it. Hence why she was found in the classroom!

2015-11-01 23:24:19

the math teacher cuz if it was the first day of school she wouldnt be giving the midterm results to the students. lol but it couldve been the janitor... why would toilets need cleaned on the first day hmmmm.....